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Coffee with a conscience

Your Daily Fix Coffee extends a warm welcome to all our followers, customers and coffee loving friends.   We are happy and excited that you can join us here at The Deep Brew Coffee Blog.   

Your Daily Fix Coffee was born from a love of coffee and service.   You can learn more about our founding husband and wife team at our About Us page.  A lifetime of love in a cup and serving our fellow man, neighbor, community, country, and family has brought us to this new endeavor.  

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Our "Coffee With A Conscience"  line of products will not just satisfy the discerning coffee lovers needs, but this is where our passion shines.   Each product in the line supports specific charities so you can enjoy a great cup of coffee from a real Canadian company and feel good doing it.    Last year we launched our BUDDY CHECK coffee: a smooth, easy drinking medium roasted blend of Brazilian and Colombian beans.   Portions of proceeds from the sale of BUDDY CHECK are donated to services supporting our military, and first responders.  We will be sure to provide information about new coffee releases and philanthropic activities in upcoming blog posts.  Until then, see BUDDY CHECK for an idea of what's coming!

We give our customers a superior coffee experience every time! With an array of bean origins and blends, flavour profiles, and roast levels  there's options for everyone's palate.   We will highlight all these options through our blog: setting the stage to assist our coffee loving friends to pick the right coffee products, expand their coffee experience, and stay  in the know about current offers and philanthropic pursuits.    We will also provide brewing techniques, methods, tips and highlight home equipment.   It is our goal as a coffee company, and specifically here at our blog, to provide you with some insight into the fascinating and expansive world of coffee.   Fancy yourself a coffee connoisseur?  A novice? A dabbler? An addict? We will be working hard to keep our content relatable.  Once you open the door to the world of coffee there are many places you can go: travel the world in your cup! 

We look forward to taking this journey with you and doing a deep brew into all things coffee.    

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Espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, americano, dark roast, light roast, blond roast too....pour over, French press,  espresso machine,  Fairtrade, organic, sustainable packaging, what's it all mean? Coffee culture, coffee addict, coffee lover, single origin, blends, what does that make me? I think I'm like Your Daily Fix...full of originality!!  

Stay perked!